MMI Hotel Group has leveraged the learnings of its diverse workforce provided across its eclectic portfolio of hotels.  Having operated more than 65 hotels – full-service and focused service, franchised and independent – since its founding in 1956, best practices have been perfected and applied across the collection of properties.

While other management companies have elected to work solely with a few brands or just with franchise product, MMI has built a strong track record of success because of its portfolio diversification.  Examples such as the endorsement of vendors, sales strategies for product types, or knowledge of leading indicators of guest preferences can be pulled into the discussion of our corporate team and presented to specific properties as needed.

Individually strong.  Collectively powerful.  Around the Southeast, every MMI Hotel Group property reaps substantial advantages from being part of one of the region's lodging leaders.  

Collectively, the MMI family of brands forms a powerful alliance – one that allows the MMI Hotel Group and investors and franchisors to capital on profitable business opportunities, a diverse lodging portfolio, a vast knowledge of customer preferences, and well over half a century's best practices.