Upon the solid foundation of viewing each guest as our one true boss, MMI has built over a half century of successful hospitality management experience. The diversity of the MMI Hotel Group portfolio – from owned and operated to third-party hotel management services ranging from the franchised, limited-service brands to an independent full-service resort – has dramatically sharpened and broadened our skills. And while each property is unique, the common theme is excellence and guest service throughout every facet of our management services.

MMI's superior management performance is more than merely self-proclaimed. It is demonstrated and proven year upon year by industry awards, operating profitability and, most importantly, by the praise and loyalty of our guests. At MMI, we focus on the smallest details of a hotel's operation and bring improvement to that area. We can analyze every aspect of the buildings and operations we manage to find areas for strengthening and improvement in all operated and non-operated departments.

MMI provides quality asset management services, drawing on years of operating experience on behalf of a variety of owners and ownership groups. Our combination of hotel analytical knowledge and extensive operational experience provide us with the experience required to develop the strategies and management practices that will result in increased cash flow and asset value.

MMI's success is a function of our emphasis in critical, operational areas: Guest service and satisfaction; strong senior management involvement; staff recruitment and training; cost efficiencies; break through marketing; technologies and communications; and capital investments to maintain quality.

To the art of hospitality, MMI adds the science of management, the power of innovation, the value of resources, and the vision of experience. The result is a formula that yields superior results.

Earle F. Jones, Co-Founder
While each property is different, we take a systematic approach to evaluation and operation.  Our aim is to synchronize the goals, performance and strategies among the franchise partners and ourselves so there is uniformity in our tactics, clarity in our objectives, but personalization in our guest interactions.

MMI is known for a management style and a leadership culture that empowers our team members.  We see it in the way they greet their guests, interact with each other and take pride in their work. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Third-Party Hotel Management Company

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