As a Mississippi-based business, MMI Hotel Group recognizes the importance that food plays in practically every aspect of life.  For our Food and Beverage leaders, there is no greater way to physically demonstrate the appreciation for another than in the preparation and serving of a meal.

Supported by culinary-trained full-service hotel and retail outlet industry veterans, this department provides direct and indirect support in all phases of the food and beverage discipline. Some specific areas include the following:
  • Concept Development

  • Menu Design

  • Costing of Menus for Profitability

  • Food & Beverage Marketing

  • Food & Beverage Inventory Control

  • Food & Beverage Purchasing

  • Labor Control

  • Catering and Wedding Product Development

A unique component of the MMI Hotel Group approach to Food & Beverage is the ongoing focus on catering in our full-service hotels including:
  • Banquets

  • Weddings

  • Social catering

  • Off-site excursion catering 

Whether you have dedicated event space needing additional bookings, a retail outlet that is not attracting the local community in to dine or opportunities for improvement in your back-of-house operations, MMI has been cooking up creative solutions for many years.