MMI Hotel Group improves asset value by ensuring superior financial performance as its management team identifies new opportunities and cost/time-saving technology that impact the guest in a positive way.  Each member of the corporate team works on a near daily basis with each hotel to ensure properties benefit from the company's rich and deep well of experience and practical knowledge.  Unencumbered by its own real estate, MMI Hotel Group focuses 100 percent on delivering superior results for owners.  With its wide and diverse portfolio, MMI Hotel Group provides economies of scale and purchasing power as well as institutional knowledge from working with a wide array of product that no individual property can match on its own.

MMI Hotel Group provides initial consultation, pre-opening and ongoing management contracts.  We have done this a time or two and recognize that our respect in the industry is a result of successful market penetration, operating efficiency and strong customer satisfaction.   MMI's operational services include:

  • People & Culture

  • Procurement

  • Nationally-negotiated Pricing from key vendors

  • Asset Management

  • Information Technology Development and Administration

  • Franchise Relations

Managing people is one of the most critical aspects of successfully operating a hotel. Payroll and related costs account for a large percentage of overall cost, making their effective management critical.

MMI Hotel Group abides by a philosophy that honors the team member through effective communication, proactive employee programs, training, and benefit programs. MMI Hotel Group operates under a set of Human Resource Guidelines that provide the proper steps for the management of employees.

We are in the people business, but technology sure can be a great resource for anyone.  Technology is a competitive advantage as it relates to all stakeholder groups.  MMI uses the latest mobile and collaboration technology tools to stay connected to our team members and guests.  Our Intranet site allows efficient communication between each property and the corporate office.  We share information with and between team members using a creative mobile app.  Departments work together at the property level by using work flow systems to optimize experiences for their guests.

If you are in need of development and investment management services or Technical Services, MMI has the experience to bring your project to life.  To discuss new projects and updates to existing assets, please contact Micajah Sturdivant at