Our industry is a great example of hard working citizens seizing the American Dream.  As a franchisee from the beginning, MMI Hotel Group has worked with its franchisor partners to create opportunities for fellow Americans to capitalize on their own dreams.  Pride builds with promotions within an organization, commitments to one's community, and providing opportunities for others to build, buy and/or operate their own hotel businesses.  

With the proliferation of sole asset or small unit hotel management companies in our industry, MMI Hotel Group is proud to have assisted in developing the wherewithal for many of these businesses over the years.  With that being said, the role and responsibilities of a professional hotel management company are in question.​

MMI Hotel Group is a 100 percent pure management company, unencumbered by its own real estate. The company was re-organized in 2016 with the notion that for it to succeed, MMI Hotel Group must first succeed on behalf of its owners and guests.

While MMI has a sister organization which owns hotels, there is no “favored nation” status—all hotels are treated equally by MMI. Each property receives hands-on, near-daily attention from the MMI corporate team; owners don't meet with a pitch team before being handed off to people they've never met previously. This dedication to a hotel's success first and foremost is a meaningful differentiator for MMI.