Do You Need to Ask Your Management Company to Take A Step Forward?

Published May 5th, 2021

Are you questioning any of these principles in your relationship with your management company?  Should you?  High impact management companies are listening and learning because that is part of their corporate DNA.  And, as a result, they are winning FOR YOU.

The “MMI” of MMI Hotel Group does NOT stand for “Mother, May I?”.  We are a collaborative organization that melds experience with innovation.  Over our 65-year history, we have fostered a deep well of proven tactics.  Because we endeavor to win (in the hearts and minds of our team members, guests, owners and community), we won’t rest on that experience alone.  Instead, we are empowering our leaders to seek innovation, creativity and ingenuity in everything we do. 

Throughout the month of May, we will be sharing some specific questions you may want to ponder about your existing management relationship.  #MotherMayI  #MayDays  #MisManagement  #MMIStepsForward  #HotelManagement #HospitalityFromTheFolksWhoPracticallyInventedIt