Founded in 1956 as Mississippi Management, Inc., MMI Hospitality Group has grown to now focus on its various hospitality investments. As asset manager for hotel, resorts, restaurants and dining facility outlets, MMI Hospitality Group has owned over fifty hotels through development or acquisition. Today, the company seeks long-term yield with value for growth and a people-first mentality.

To learn more about MMI Hospitality Group's two primary divisions, you can visit their websites at Properly structured and managed real estate represents an investment opportunity that can produce a favorable return on investment through consistent income and/or significant appreciation in value. MMI Hospitality Group's ability to identify undervalued properties, combined with the company's unique structure, knowledge and experience in hospitality-specific real estate, has resulted in a history of superior real estate investment returns.

MMI Hospitality Group's experience as an owner / operator has allowed MMI significant advantages. These advantages, which are passed on to each client, include: timely and accurate market information, more insightful analysis, creative financial structures, and increased access to resources. MMI exceeds in identifying the right opportunity and properly structuring the capital components of an investment property, believing that a successful real estate investment begins with the end in mind. That is why an in-depth exit strategy is formulated before the acquisition. By understanding the likely use and estimated timing of disposition, the probability of success is increased.

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